Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Devon, Teignmouth

Oh to be a wee person crawling through the landscape of Devon, disappearing into a magical image of hobbits and windswept moors. Glad to escape the bustle of London to visit my dear friend Grace, landing in Teignmouth, a coast town in western England.  Welcomed by the warm generosity of Sarah & her children, staying in a beautiful funky elegant house overlooking the sea.  Today we took a jaunt to Totnes, a rainbow-hippy-hobbit town, and over the hills along single lane hedgerow streets to a lovely 10th century manor house gardens, and up to the moors overlooking Devon.  We had a laugh at Sarah's attempt to describe the moors....asking 'what is a moor exactly'....the answer being something like "windswept empty rocky landscapes with lumpy bits of shrubbery and sheep & wild ponies!"  and indeed there was a soft lumpiness to the texture of the soft ground as we took off our shoes and wandered amongst the granite.  Had a long day of trampsing and talking and cheesecake, interspersed with Human Design readings for the family.  Around midnight Phillipe & I took a walk along the beach, following the old railroad tracks and listening to the waves crashing gently against the shore.

One thing I've verified again, seeing the contrast between my response to city, country and eletromagnetics in general.....that my sacral was feeling quite fried in London, as much as I might be enjoying the intensity of it, feeling cranky and disconnected from my inner authority.  As a result slipping into some wonderful shadow consciousness and wanting to escape (more on that another time).  Just a few hours later by the seaside, negative ions, and the sweet salt air.....I could feel my sacral response again and orient my soul in this universe.  Of course that would not be true for everyone's design, just something that seems reliable for me as a cave man type, needing to strip my aura back down to essentials is so important to be able to feel my inner reality.  The deep deep quiet of the moors was a great reprieve to experience that.

Tomorrow back to London on the train and ferry to Amsterdam.....looking forward to more time on the sea.    Max

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