Saturday, July 30, 2011


When we set off on our journey we asked ourselves what our intentions were.  The primary intention was to encounter people who we would develop deep long lasting connections with.  To have those conversations that go beyond the ordinary and transform life into something magical and truly worth living. 

Of course on the surface that is a lot to ask for.....though on the other hand, why not?  We didn't have any place that we really had to see, or any travel goals such as to experience Mont Saint Michel, as glorious as any of those places may be.  In fact, as we have been moving thru our sacral journey, it's surprising how few museums, classical sights, we have responded to.  A verification for me that the life force, though it can be both represented and to some degree embodied in a work of art or music or architecture or sacred place.....that really the FEELING of vitality that pours through the world is very much dependent upon both living creatures, plants, humans, living systems such as healthy green environments, clean water & air.....that is where I feel the life force most strongly.

And at a heart level, there is nothing as satisfying as human authentic open-hearted contact, the love that is exchanged between people.  And that requires a certain respect, willingness, openness.....including the ability to not know what may spontaneously arise.

We've been very fortunate to have amazing people showing up in each place we land..... deep soul connection with souls....where the encounter takes us out of the ordinary into something both transcendent and inspiring. And each time this happens there is both the feeling and the promise that we will meet again.  The solidification of tribe and fractal connections through senses, touch, smell and communication.  

And how moving to be offered this ongoing "my house is always open to you" invitation, that we are indeed part of the extended family of lovers/friends/companions/family that at our deepest roots all of humanity desires. 



Where else but vienna?

I'm often blessed by the awareness that the sacral adventure is not alive unless one is expanding into new horizons. Tonight I'm laying on the floor beneath a bosendorfer grand listening to our friends playing a live jam.....not jazz american style, but classical mozart, schubert, brahms, violin & viola....phillipe chiming in with dance and song.  Reminds me of how sensitive our brains/heart/endochrine systems are to acoustic music, no mikes, no cd, no digital sampling. Somehow the audible as well as non-audible acoustic spaces are filled with romance and silent messages.  Closing my eyes I can see powdered wigs and scent bottles and stuffy embroidered velvet & stain, the colors melting from one age to another, simple human emotion filling the gaps between. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ibiza revisited.......

We had the most amazing experiences in Ibiza, truly memorable.  Fortunately we were invited by our friend Will, who had landed there from Barcelona.  He introduced us to David & Vero, who were busy cleaning the hostel where we stayed.  They turned out to be the most lovely & beautiful friends, who totally adopted us under their wing.  As a result we were able to visit the sacred caves & special beaches, delicious restaurants that we would not have found on our own.  And certainly developed a lively friendship that can endure into the future.  

There's many things I could say about the energy of Ibiza, perhaps will save that for another entry.  Mostly we have been offline, as it was difficult to get internet connections there, and since we have been focusing our energies elsewhere.  However, I have a few more days till we are off the grid again to catch up with our journey.....


Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Port of Amsterdam

This place! After spending a few lovely days in Devon (a seaside English village called Teignmouth) with sweet  new friends (we did lots of Human Design readings), we took a quite luxurious ferry boat ride overnight and arrived in the bustling, large village of the Dutch...I think it's really a Doctor Suess-land...everybody has big open faces with overly dramatic facial expressions and funny shaped heads/hairdo's...and the language is kooky/sweet and rhythmical..I expect to see Sneetches on furry 10 foot tall bicycles, and hairy striped trees...
We have been going through lots of emotional intensity and communication challenges (both within relationship and technically, ie. phones, cards, computers, moneys) and we have been expanding and learning alot about ourselves and each other in the process. It's always a stretch to dive into life without knowing what's next, pushing through resistances ( alot of what i am learning is to do with discriminating between what is pushing through resistance, and what is reacting to conditioned pressure)...and such satisfaction comes when we take the time to really know if something that appears, in the mind or in manifestation, is right or not...and then there is Timing...can I breathe enough to wait and enjoy the divine timing?
After a rough evening, Max and I went our separate ways for a few hours ( always a good thing!) and I decided to get lost in Amsterdam, walking the canals aimlessly (with some assistance from the "coffee shop" (winkwink)), and I began to dance! I danced my way through the cobble stones and playgrounds, bike roads and bridges, stared at by some, glared at by others, silently appreciated by yet fewer...and I was re-set.....
the next day I gave myself a little balletclass in our very spacious apartment...the first ballet in 3 years...very  healing.
We went through a sacral questioning process in the gorgeous Vondelpark, of "where next?" And "what do we want this to look like?" and we came up with warm, sunny, relaxing, open...and when I got on the computer later saw that Will is in Ibiza, loving it so much that he is staying longer...and Poof, we are on a plane tonite to join our magnificent friend!!!

Biking thru Amsterdam

There's a lot one could say about Amsterdam, an intriguing combination of light & shadows.  My most memorable experience is the ease of jumping on bike and entering the bicycle expressway....even at 2 am....all kinds of humanity, mothers with kids in tow, people commuting to work, going to market, and most elegantly crusing thru the parks and lakes enjoying the play of sun & clouds passing overhead.  Seems to me a most exquisite expression of democracy, that anyone has the right to a vehicle and space on the road (there are bicycle freeways, not just bike lanes) and freedom to move with ease, sustainable, green, non-petoleum, good exercise and fun!  What seems like danger (stepping into a bike lane unawares watch out!), the apparent chaos of intersecting lanes & traffic, somehow people weave together in a road dance that is magical. It reminded us most of burning man at night, people flowing in all directions, creating a web of movement that is like contact improv.

Perhaps my 'reflection' upon amsterdam today (as opposed to 40 years ago living nearby) that it's a stage set from history that is now filled with a new tone & rhythm, it doesn't quiet match.  The picture perfect world of flower pots above the boats in the canals, busty young women carrying leeks to market, arching magical bridges to roam listening to a violin playing above....all these images of our northern not what amsterdam is today.  Rather a vibrant, pulsing experiment in blending polar extremes of humanity, watching & listening to see how we all can survive & love together.     MaxAaron