Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG I am a tourist!

When we first arrived in Londontown, I said to myself, I don't wanna do those typical things, forget Big Ben and the palaces LaDiDa...Well yestaday I wetn totally Gaga for the huge old buildings and the spectacle and the history and the wow West End ( where I knew stories about almost all of the old theatres! and the Savoy Hotel! so glamouous and again, huge!....we walked the city for 12 hours, and apparently only saw a tiny piece of the city ( though i am sure it's the best bits)..exhausted, we came home on the last tube (I love the tube, its so fast and easy to follow!, London is so space aged and ancient at the same time).
An interesting thing I noticed, is how many statues of powerful women there are in this the amazing Royal Albert Monument and Hall, his statue is surrounded by four groups of women, each representing a land, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Each group is 4 warriors of antiquity probably one a queen, all different, astride a fierce animal, bare breasted and beautiful in their power. I later came upon another staue of one of the first queens of England, who kept out the Roman Hordes in 65 Ad or some such...
I have never seen such a celebration of female power, which makes me feel that the matriarchal society is really not so far behind us. We would never have those statues in the USA...
Today was full of walking again, on the Thames, with a pint of Ale and something I quite love, meat pie, or pasties...did not expect to like Brit food!
Then we stopped in a tunnel where a guy was playing cello, and Max knew something was about to happen...there was great expectation in the air as we saw this beatiful man begin to dance, in the middle of the walk, on the was so magical, with the masses of people interacting as they walked by, or ignoring..just part of the dance. So when he started his second number ( he was also being filmed) I was compelled to join him! And it was an amazing 4 minutes! This is what I came here to do, and the synchronicity was simply affirming...we had so so may moments of not knowing where to go, what to do next, and just waiting...sitting on the side of the road, standing and waiting, to be moved...and this moment so perfectly arises! I love having loose plans and throwing them all to hell when it just doesn't feel "real" is how I say it..We walked agian for 10 hours today! My feet are exhausted, my back hurts...maybe a weekend in the country, or by the seashore?  So now to bed!

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