Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Devon, Teignmouth

Oh to be a wee person crawling through the landscape of Devon, disappearing into a magical image of hobbits and windswept moors. Glad to escape the bustle of London to visit my dear friend Grace, landing in Teignmouth, a coast town in western England.  Welcomed by the warm generosity of Sarah & her children, staying in a beautiful funky elegant house overlooking the sea.  Today we took a jaunt to Totnes, a rainbow-hippy-hobbit town, and over the hills along single lane hedgerow streets to a lovely 10th century manor house gardens, and up to the moors overlooking Devon.  We had a laugh at Sarah's attempt to describe the moors....asking 'what is a moor exactly'....the answer being something like "windswept empty rocky landscapes with lumpy bits of shrubbery and sheep & wild ponies!"  and indeed there was a soft lumpiness to the texture of the soft ground as we took off our shoes and wandered amongst the granite.  Had a long day of trampsing and talking and cheesecake, interspersed with Human Design readings for the family.  Around midnight Phillipe & I took a walk along the beach, following the old railroad tracks and listening to the waves crashing gently against the shore.

One thing I've verified again, seeing the contrast between my response to city, country and eletromagnetics in general.....that my sacral was feeling quite fried in London, as much as I might be enjoying the intensity of it, feeling cranky and disconnected from my inner authority.  As a result slipping into some wonderful shadow consciousness and wanting to escape (more on that another time).  Just a few hours later by the seaside, negative ions, and the sweet salt air.....I could feel my sacral response again and orient my soul in this universe.  Of course that would not be true for everyone's design, just something that seems reliable for me as a cave man type, needing to strip my aura back down to essentials is so important to be able to feel my inner reality.  The deep deep quiet of the moors was a great reprieve to experience that.

Tomorrow back to London on the train and ferry to Amsterdam.....looking forward to more time on the sea.    Max

Thursday, June 23, 2011

OMG I am a tourist!

When we first arrived in Londontown, I said to myself, I don't wanna do those typical things, forget Big Ben and the palaces LaDiDa...Well yestaday I wetn totally Gaga for the huge old buildings and the spectacle and the history and the wow West End ( where I knew stories about almost all of the old theatres! and the Savoy Hotel! so glamouous and again, huge!....we walked the city for 12 hours, and apparently only saw a tiny piece of the city ( though i am sure it's the best bits)..exhausted, we came home on the last tube (I love the tube, its so fast and easy to follow!, London is so space aged and ancient at the same time).
An interesting thing I noticed, is how many statues of powerful women there are in this the amazing Royal Albert Monument and Hall, his statue is surrounded by four groups of women, each representing a land, Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. Each group is 4 warriors of antiquity probably one a queen, all different, astride a fierce animal, bare breasted and beautiful in their power. I later came upon another staue of one of the first queens of England, who kept out the Roman Hordes in 65 Ad or some such...
I have never seen such a celebration of female power, which makes me feel that the matriarchal society is really not so far behind us. We would never have those statues in the USA...
Today was full of walking again, on the Thames, with a pint of Ale and something I quite love, meat pie, or pasties...did not expect to like Brit food!
Then we stopped in a tunnel where a guy was playing cello, and Max knew something was about to happen...there was great expectation in the air as we saw this beatiful man begin to dance, in the middle of the walk, on the was so magical, with the masses of people interacting as they walked by, or ignoring..just part of the dance. So when he started his second number ( he was also being filmed) I was compelled to join him! And it was an amazing 4 minutes! This is what I came here to do, and the synchronicity was simply affirming...we had so so may moments of not knowing where to go, what to do next, and just waiting...sitting on the side of the road, standing and waiting, to be moved...and this moment so perfectly arises! I love having loose plans and throwing them all to hell when it just doesn't feel "real" is how I say it..We walked agian for 10 hours today! My feet are exhausted, my back hurts...maybe a weekend in the country, or by the seashore?  So now to bed!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revisiting my London past >>>>>>>>>

Wow, we put in a very long day trampsing thru London-town, must have put in at least 20 miles on foot around.  We are staying with our lovely friend Julia, a GeneKey friend, who has been gracious to extend her flat to us.

I lived in London & Europe for a year between high school and college, one of the best years of my life.  It seems like distant place in the past, and indeed is, though I was curious to find my old stomping grounds and explore any memories.

Luckily the house I lived in back then was easy to find, a block from Royal Albert Hall at Hyde Park Gate.  It's interesting for me to review our consciousness influences our experience.  For example, at the time as a young man, I was immersed in the emotional and hormonal waves of music, arts, philosophy and the moodiness of discovering myself.  However, so of the rich experiences that I could have availed myself of.....I didn't.....out of fear, insecurity, lack of money, fear of unknown, etc, etc.

And in addition, I was noticing so many details of London today in great detail, my consciousness crystal clear.  And curious to remember the emotional and psychological blur of youth.  Like didn't I notice all this stuff around me at that time?

The second piece of history that struck me today is the powerful resonance of soul manifestation, the gratitude that comes from being given a beautiful and powerful experience.  Here I was at age 19, living two doors down from the home of Winston Churchill, the birthplace of Virginia Wolf, the author Enid Bagnold (who Phillipe actually knew who that obscure person was), in addition to a famous explorer and poet.  And two blocks away from some of the most amazing concert halls and music academies and museums in the world.  

So I am wondering, although on one level I was immersed in that world of art & music (I taught piano and was nanny to two young girls in an american household)....was it perhaps through some psychic blending that I was feeling all the wisdom that was embodied on that small street.....1/2 block long cul-de-sac, filled with history, today the home of multi-millionaires and embassies.....but at that time just a place to call home.

And at the same time, as we venture and meet amazing but simple souls along our path, how many of these people are also pivoting history around them, consciously or unconsciously, by playing the role of a map-maker, a portal-keeper, a way-seer.  

More tomorrow!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I have always wanted to travel the world, and I have, in my imagination, from childhood on. My parents were always very multicultural, taking us to foreign films,listening to music from around the world, as well as literature from other lands ( even fairy tales.) I never identified as "American", it actually often embarrassed me to be seen as one. And I just never got the chance...and then there was that whole 20 some odd year span where I was conditioned to believe that I didn't need to go anywhere, because I contained the universe inside me...which is true...and it isnt. I have a feeling that I will be a very different person after the next few months, don't know just seems so. People are always shocked that I have never been abroad, I seem so "cosmopolitan"...and now is the beginning of the realization  of myself as the global citizen I have always known myself to be...and I have with me the most dashing, daring, in the moment, romantic, expansive partner ...everyday is an adventure anywhere, much less in a strange land...I am so blessed!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preparing for the next leg of our journey.....

Phillipe & I have been feeling the pull to Europe, and envisioning being there for a couple years now.  One of the things we see consistently is that the magnetism of life pulls so strongly through our visual cortex, bringing up beautific visions and words that correspond to some future yearning and desire.  At the same time, listening to our sacral centers, it is always a question of right timing and aligning with the forces of nature, the primal intelligence that is is out there and inside awaiting.  Often my 'g-center*' gives me a very specific feeling of being drawn in a particular direction, and with it a feeling of immediacy, get off your butt and go there now!  However, the sacral adventure requires intense concentrated patience, as often these visions are accompanied by a "wait for the right moment" temperance.

So sometimes those visions lead to experience and action, sometimes they lead to dreams.  How to know the difference?  Wait and see and feel what is happening energetically.

For us, the moment has arrived, after a series of unusual, humorous and freakish events, we nonetheless board our Brit Air plane for London tomorrow (solstice eve), monday night.

There are so many things I "could do" to prepare.  Such as pack, make a budget, prepared snacks for the plane, clean my room, email friends in europe.  All things that might seem intelligent and necessary.  But one thing I've learned along this sacral journey, if nothing else, is to be a taoist when it comes to action::  align with my soul & heart & spirit, and the actions will follow, and with those actions, the energy to bring them to fruition.

So what am I feeling now?  Everyone else in our household fell asleep hours ago.  I'm not sleepy, but I am tired, the kind of bone tired that lets me know this body will sleep well.  So I'm inspired that FINALLY there was a real response inside to 'initiating' this blog-fest, slow in fruition and blessed in it's reality.   When I wake up there will perhaps be that internal jiggle, butterflies that always accompany me upon travel transitions, bringing with it the energy to move physical matter from one continent to another.

For all those who would wish desire hope eat pray love to be in other lands with us, I invite you to join us!


On the eve of the Solstice

One of the things that continues to surprise me is that life can continue to surprise us!  With the coming of the solstice, it's a great time to review what intentions we are holding?  I've come to recognize that my deepest and clearest intention is simply that each interaction brings the seed of evolution, whether that be a chance encounter or a deep conversation.  The rest is just ships passing in the night.   Max

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Testing from Philly

Sitting in the bed testing our sacral site !@#