Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preparing for the next leg of our journey.....

Phillipe & I have been feeling the pull to Europe, and envisioning being there for a couple years now.  One of the things we see consistently is that the magnetism of life pulls so strongly through our visual cortex, bringing up beautific visions and words that correspond to some future yearning and desire.  At the same time, listening to our sacral centers, it is always a question of right timing and aligning with the forces of nature, the primal intelligence that is is out there and inside awaiting.  Often my 'g-center*' gives me a very specific feeling of being drawn in a particular direction, and with it a feeling of immediacy, get off your butt and go there now!  However, the sacral adventure requires intense concentrated patience, as often these visions are accompanied by a "wait for the right moment" temperance.

So sometimes those visions lead to experience and action, sometimes they lead to dreams.  How to know the difference?  Wait and see and feel what is happening energetically.

For us, the moment has arrived, after a series of unusual, humorous and freakish events, we nonetheless board our Brit Air plane for London tomorrow (solstice eve), monday night.

There are so many things I "could do" to prepare.  Such as pack, make a budget, prepared snacks for the plane, clean my room, email friends in europe.  All things that might seem intelligent and necessary.  But one thing I've learned along this sacral journey, if nothing else, is to be a taoist when it comes to action::  align with my soul & heart & spirit, and the actions will follow, and with those actions, the energy to bring them to fruition.

So what am I feeling now?  Everyone else in our household fell asleep hours ago.  I'm not sleepy, but I am tired, the kind of bone tired that lets me know this body will sleep well.  So I'm inspired that FINALLY there was a real response inside to 'initiating' this blog-fest, slow in fruition and blessed in it's reality.   When I wake up there will perhaps be that internal jiggle, butterflies that always accompany me upon travel transitions, bringing with it the energy to move physical matter from one continent to another.

For all those who would wish desire hope eat pray love to be in other lands with us, I invite you to join us!


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