Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revisiting my London past >>>>>>>>>

Wow, we put in a very long day trampsing thru London-town, must have put in at least 20 miles on foot around.  We are staying with our lovely friend Julia, a GeneKey friend, who has been gracious to extend her flat to us.

I lived in London & Europe for a year between high school and college, one of the best years of my life.  It seems like distant place in the past, and indeed is, though I was curious to find my old stomping grounds and explore any memories.

Luckily the house I lived in back then was easy to find, a block from Royal Albert Hall at Hyde Park Gate.  It's interesting for me to review our consciousness influences our experience.  For example, at the time as a young man, I was immersed in the emotional and hormonal waves of music, arts, philosophy and the moodiness of discovering myself.  However, so of the rich experiences that I could have availed myself of.....I didn't.....out of fear, insecurity, lack of money, fear of unknown, etc, etc.

And in addition, I was noticing so many details of London today in great detail, my consciousness crystal clear.  And curious to remember the emotional and psychological blur of youth.  Like didn't I notice all this stuff around me at that time?

The second piece of history that struck me today is the powerful resonance of soul manifestation, the gratitude that comes from being given a beautiful and powerful experience.  Here I was at age 19, living two doors down from the home of Winston Churchill, the birthplace of Virginia Wolf, the author Enid Bagnold (who Phillipe actually knew who that obscure person was), in addition to a famous explorer and poet.  And two blocks away from some of the most amazing concert halls and music academies and museums in the world.  

So I am wondering, although on one level I was immersed in that world of art & music (I taught piano and was nanny to two young girls in an american household)....was it perhaps through some psychic blending that I was feeling all the wisdom that was embodied on that small street.....1/2 block long cul-de-sac, filled with history, today the home of multi-millionaires and embassies.....but at that time just a place to call home.

And at the same time, as we venture and meet amazing but simple souls along our path, how many of these people are also pivoting history around them, consciously or unconsciously, by playing the role of a map-maker, a portal-keeper, a way-seer.  

More tomorrow!

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