Saturday, July 30, 2011


When we set off on our journey we asked ourselves what our intentions were.  The primary intention was to encounter people who we would develop deep long lasting connections with.  To have those conversations that go beyond the ordinary and transform life into something magical and truly worth living. 

Of course on the surface that is a lot to ask for.....though on the other hand, why not?  We didn't have any place that we really had to see, or any travel goals such as to experience Mont Saint Michel, as glorious as any of those places may be.  In fact, as we have been moving thru our sacral journey, it's surprising how few museums, classical sights, we have responded to.  A verification for me that the life force, though it can be both represented and to some degree embodied in a work of art or music or architecture or sacred place.....that really the FEELING of vitality that pours through the world is very much dependent upon both living creatures, plants, humans, living systems such as healthy green environments, clean water & air.....that is where I feel the life force most strongly.

And at a heart level, there is nothing as satisfying as human authentic open-hearted contact, the love that is exchanged between people.  And that requires a certain respect, willingness, openness.....including the ability to not know what may spontaneously arise.

We've been very fortunate to have amazing people showing up in each place we land..... deep soul connection with souls....where the encounter takes us out of the ordinary into something both transcendent and inspiring. And each time this happens there is both the feeling and the promise that we will meet again.  The solidification of tribe and fractal connections through senses, touch, smell and communication.  

And how moving to be offered this ongoing "my house is always open to you" invitation, that we are indeed part of the extended family of lovers/friends/companions/family that at our deepest roots all of humanity desires. 



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